Holiday Inn Express Tulsa OK

Best Holiday Inn’s Tulsa OK area

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Welcome to the 3 best choices for your Holiday Inn stay in Tulsa OK area  As a fan, of Holiday Inn’s you already know the benefit of staying at a Holiday Inn Express. Just plug in your laptop any where in our Tulsa Holiday Inn Express and enjoy your stay.

Our Holiday Inn Express in Tulsa  are perfectly designed for the frequent traveler. Affordable hotels, high speed internet access, free breakfast and a comfortable room that will leave you relaxed and recharged, it’s more than a basic business hotel. It’s a place that understands you, and the way youlike to travel.

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  • Centrally located
  • Next door to Tulsa’s best shopping mall the Woodland Hills Mall
  • In Center of Tulsa’s famous restaurant row
  • Tulsa’s newest Holiday Inn
  • Close to UMAC Event Center

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  • Direct access to Hwy 75 and Creek Turnpike
  • Next door to Glenpool Conference Center
  • Close to lots of South Tulsa’s restaurants
  • Nearby lots of shopping

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  • In historic Jenks Oklahoma
  • Next door to Oklahoma Aquarium
  • Many restaurants nearby
  • Close to Jenks antique shops and boutiques
  • Reception venue complete with dance floor

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